About Us

Information on Our Company

Working for you since 2016, we are happy to provide you various products from the animal world. We are specialized in the fur field but we also provide skulls, bones, claws, hunting trophies etc... 

To provide our products, we participate regularly in historical costumed events.Follow us on Facebook to know more about it. 


Our entire range of products come from regulated hunting and trapping. Mostly from Canada, we also provide a range of products from Europe.

We put a point of honour to put forward certain principles : 

  • We believe in the total use of animal products. A killed animal can't be killed just for his fur or his meat. Therefor, we collaborate with different organisations which take all the meat for human or animal subsistance (For exemple, for dogs food)
  • Animal trade is extremly regulated. Therefor, the entire range of products come through different customs. Some animals need CITES or trapping certificate. To learn more about it you can see the CITES section. You must know that we have all documents needed to sell these animal parts.
  • We are opened to discuss as long as it remains courteous and polite. We understant that our job might be contested in our societies. Anyway, we believe in using natural products whether for preparation of making. Using false fur, a platic product (so a petroleum based product) is, for us, an aberration